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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage - This style incorporates many of the below listed techniques in order to relax client as well as address specific issues of the mind, body, and spirit. $75 hr.

Aromatherapy Massage - In conjunction with Therapeutic massage, this technique blends specific essential oils for a deeper state of relaxation. The aromas stimulate the brain to produce chemicals that help to calm the body. $75 hr.

Myofacial Release - Fascia is a slightly mobile connective tissue that while under stress (trauma, poor posture, or inflammatory processes) becomes ridged and shortens. The therapist applies pressure to the body over a time frame to allow the body to release the restrictions in the body within the fascial layers and restore the body to a state of balance. This technique uses no oils or creams. $95 hr.

Deep Tissue Massage - Similar to Therapeutic massage, but added pressure is applied as well as Myofascial techniques and range of motion always focusing the areas of concern. $85.

Foot Reflexology - In this type of massage, the feet act as a blueprint for the entire body. The therapist stimulates the pressure points of the feet which send impulses to the corresponding organs, muscles, and glands. Firm pressure is applied to the feet with an inchworm type motion. Client remains clothed. $80 hr.

Reiki Healing - Master Level - Reiki is an energy healing therapy. Hands are placed gently on the energy centers of the body (chakras). The therapist channels healing energy to the recipient. Reiki can also be done on etheric body (off the body). For physical, mental, spiritual and long-distance healing. Cance patients welcome. $80 hr.

CranioSacral Therapy - In this light touch therapy, the therapist monitors the rhythm of the craniosacral system to detect impalances. The manual techniques are applied to release problem areas and relieve pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This is a fully clothed service.
Infant/Elderly Massage- Massage for sensitive individuals. Great for Moms to learn how to massage their babies. Also elderly massage helps to stimulate circulation and increase range of motion. $80 hr.

Pregnancy Massage - This massage provides relaxation and helps to reduce stress during pregnancy term. All stages  of pregnacy welcome as client may lie on her side when uncomfortable on stomach. $80 hr.

Raindrop Technique - This is a powerful non-invasive service for the body that brings about structural and electrical alignment. Massage is integrated with "Young Living" therapeutic grade essential oils, dispersed like drops of rain onto the back. $90 hr.

Hot Stone Massage - Taditional Swedish massage utilizing warm basalt stones strategically placed and massaged on the body. Warming, grounding, nuturing. $90 hr.


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Far Infrared Ray Emitting Medical Device - Relax and unwind on the FDA approved healing Biomat. Offers Far Infrared Rays through Amethyst crystals and Negative Ions through Tourmeline crystals. Heating through the body beyond the skin surface. Purifying blood, revitalism of metabolism, relief from pain, and boosts the immune system detoxing. Helps cells and cirrculation. $35 for a 45 min treatment.




Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

TRAVEL FEES: A fee will be added to the service of $25 for the first 15 miles of travel, and each additional 10 miles add $10. Tolls not included.

NJ TAX: Unfortunately NJ requires a 7% sales tax on Massage services. The good news is that if you can supply a note or prescription from a Doctor (Family Dr.,Specialist,  Dentist,Psychologist, etc) then the tax will be waived.


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